Friday, March 6, 2009


Ok, so now its Brenden's turn to have a slide show made after him...Brenden is our happiest child. He's been a goof ball from day one, as you can see from his pictures! He's full of laughs and sunshine and loves to play tricks and be silly...almost to a fault. But he is such a sweetheart and he was such a pretty baby. He still has eyelashes that any woman would be jealous of. Happy 5th birthday Brenden!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Carter turns 3

My friend Katie lovingly reminded me of how far behind I am on my blog. Life has been insanely crazy here!!! We had Carters birthday Feb. 6 and here is a trip down memory lane. Carter is such a sweet boy and we are so glad to have him in our family!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

My latest project

Ok, so this took me FOREVER, because I had to do it in small increments, but its pretty much done. We bought this house and really liked it, except for the color of the kitchen. Green walls with black cupboards? What the? I have no idea what they were thinking. So I went and got some pretty red and fixed it up. They even had all the bricks painted that hideous green color. I think our version of this kitchen is definitely an improvement.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Our crazy move...again

Ok, so I haven't updated this forever. Obviously. Where do I start? We moved to Rexburg in July, sold the house in August (I bawled!) and made our adventure to a new job/career for Justin. I was NOT excited at all to move to Rexburg, or anywhere else for that matter. We loved our home and all our friends here in Idaho Falls. The first couple months in Rexburg weren't too bad, the job seemed to be going well and the kids were fine. Until school started. Sigh. Andrew was ok the first couple weeks but then started having panic attacks every night at bedtime and every morning when it was time to go to school. It broke my heart and made me even more mad that we were in Rexburg in the first place. So we were dealing with that, and the insurance job Justin took started to go sour. Mostly because of his agency manager, who has no business being a manager. The poor economy didn't help things either. So by mid-October we decided to move back to Idaho Falls, if Justin could find another job. He went back into the school district office where he had previously been employed for three years to see if there was any way they could hire him somewhere, with the school year already started. He went in on a Friday and by Monday had a formal contract. Hooray for teaching special ed! He's always needed. So he is teaching again, not at the same junior high he was before, but out at an elementary school. He wasn't sure he would like the age difference, but he really loves it. We had to buy another house, obviously, and got a really good deal on a home just a few blocks from our old one. Andrew is back at the school he attended kindergarten at, with all his little friends. He's MUCH happier and so are all of us. All our friends are still really close since we are not very far from our old house. That has made a huge difference, especially for me. I was so depressed in Rexburg. It's really clique-ish there and people are arrogant. Oh well. Live and learn. Christmas was interesting, we moved into the new house the day after. But we had a great Christmas with the kids and tried to not think about the move. The boys are growing up so fast!!! Carter will be three in a couple weeks, Brenden turns 5 the end of February and Andrew turns 7 April 3rd. I have lots of pictures, but they aren't ready to post just yet. I will get to that hopefully soon, just like I have been meaning to paint my kitchen for a week. It's all taped and ready to go, I just have so many other things going on. Phew! Hopefully that's a decent enough update. Our new address for anyone who wants it is:
1120 Merrett Drive
Idaho Falls, ID 83404.
Just don't send any anthrax-laced letters....

Sunday, November 30, 2008

another dose of pure randomness

Ness of the Randomness Survey

1.What color is your front door? - Its wood, so brown
2.Do you know what time were you born, when? - yep, 1:23 in the afternoon
3.Are you afraid of snakes? - eh sort of
4.Ever tasted dirt? - nope
5.Do you have a theory on why chickens suck at flying? - probably the same reason why humans suck at flying
6.Any Holiday traditions in your family (that aren't shared by the world)? - we all get together and play spin the bottle. hahahahahahaha. No, not really
7.When was the last time you 'should-a, would-a, could-a'? - oh wow. oh that would be July when we moved to Rexburg. So dumb
8.Can you recall the furthest distance you ever ran? - yeah probably 5 miles or so
9.Where do you work, if you have a job? - i work at my house
10.Is money the center of your world, or are you capable of holding onto what is true? - i'm capable but i wouldn't mind a shopping spree
11.What is more important to you; material possessions or the things in life that money can not buy? - oh come on, i'm not that shallow
12.Do you like to fish? - YES
13.Is there a plastic animal anywhere around you? - yeah. one of my kids' toys
14.Would you consider yourself to be creative? - yeah totally
15.Ever peed where you shouldn't have? - lol. have you?
Take This Survey at Quizopolis.com

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Ok, so it's been nuts here and I just barely took my halloween pix off my camera and put them on the computer. The boys wanted to be Alvin and the Chipmunks, and boy were they

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Here it goes:

8 things about you wanted to know more, right?

8 favorite TV shows...
1. House
2. MLB baseball
3. Grimm Adventures of Billy and Mandy hahahahaha
4. Scrubs
5. Don't really watch TV so the rest of these are gonna be blank

8 things I did yesterday:
1. went running
2. lifted weights
3. went down to Idaho Falls to buy Brenden a new coat since Daddy lost the one I just bought him a month ago. GRRRR
4. Went to WalMart and got groceries
5. Looked at a house to buy
6. did lots of laundry. Oh fun
7. talked to my sister becky who just had a baby
8. texted Jason a billion times. just like every other day

8 Things I look forward too:
1. My next doctor appt-NO I'M NOT PREGNANT
2. Thanksgiving cause my dad might come
3. moving back to Idaho Falls
4. Losing more weight
5. running tomorrow
6. making cranberry orange bread now that stores are selling cranberries. I bought a whole bunch of bags and put them in my freezer
7. Christmas break cause I might get to see some old friends
8. The Primary program next week, we teach the best 9 year olds!

8 Favorite Restaurants:
1. Jamba Juice
2. Johnny Carinos
3. Red Robin
4. This really cute cafe in Downtown Portland my friend took me on a date to once. I don't even know what its called but it was awesome
5. Changs Mongolian Grill in Portland
6. Don't know
7. Yes I'm lame
8. Don't know

8 Things on my wish list:
1. New running shoes. REALLY BAD!
2. Another house in Idaho Falls
3. A digital SLR camera
4. A blender since my sister stole hers back
5. these really fun hot curler sticks since my hair is actually long enough to use them now
6. smaller jeans...hahahaha
7. A garden again
8. A reunion with all my roomies...hi girls!

8 People to tag:
Ashlee...duh. I always tag Ash. And Katie K. HEY GUYS!!!